OBDPEAK T20 Carplay and Android Auto Player: Smart Car Mirror Video with GPS Function, FM, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, etc - Shoppers Guide

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OBDPEAK T20 Carplay and Android Auto Player: Smart Car Mirror Video with GPS Function, FM, Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, etc

OVERVIEW — The OBDPEAK T20 Smart Car Mirror Video is a 10.26-inch Carplay and Android Auto player with GPS navigation and an HD rearview camera. It supports wireless connectivity with enabled mobile devices, allowing users to easily make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, and use navigation features safely while driving.

Key Features:

• FM Transmitter, Bluetooth, and AUX: The T20 provides multiple audio output options, including audio Bluetooth, FM transmitter, and wired AUX sound output. This ensures flexible and high-fidelity audio output based on your preference and vehicle setup.

• Support for USB Flash Drive: With the built-in USB interface, you can insert a USB flash drive and play videos or music directly on the 10.26-inch screen. Just ensure that the desired files are downloaded to the USB drive beforehand.

• Wireless Carplay and Android Auto: The T20 supports wireless connections via Bluetooth (BT 5.0) or WiFi (5G Hz), enabling seamless integration with your smartphone for hands-free operation and access to various functions like calls, music, messaging, and navigation.

• Multiple Modes: This car mirror video player supports not only wireless Carplay and Android Auto but also Airplay and Android Wireless Mirror modes. It offers versatility in connecting your mobile device and enhancing your driving experience.

• Full-Screen Reverse (Optional): By purchasing the rearview camera version, you can enable the full-screen reverse feature, which automatically activates the high-definition rear camera when reversing. This allows for a clear view of the rear of the car and adjustable reverse lines for added convenience and safety.


• Compatibility: The T20 is compatible with iPhone 6 or above for Apple Carplay and Android devices running Android 10 or above for Android Auto. However, Huawei phones are not supported.

• Front Camera Not Included: It's important to note that the T20 does not come with a front camera. If you require front recording capabilities, you may need to explore alternative options or add a separate front camera.

• GPS Navigation Software: The T20 itself does not have built-in GPS navigation software. However, it can utilize GPS navigation functions by connecting to your smartphone through Carplay or Android Auto.

• Audio Output Options: Ensure that you select the appropriate audio output mode (SPK, FM transmitter, or AUX) based on your preferences and vehicle setup. Note that sound will only be emitted when SPK mode is selected.

• Power / SD Card Issues: Some potential challenges include auto-restart issues caused by power supply or mini SD card problems. Troubleshooting steps involve using the provided charger or testing with a different SD card.

In summary, the OBDPEAK T20 Smart Car Mirror Video offers wireless Carplay and Android Auto functionality, multiple connection modes, and audio output options. Shoppers should consider their specific requirements, such as the need for a front camera and GPS navigation software, along with compatibility, sound output preferences, and potential troubleshooting steps for optimal usage.

*Note: Details are based on manufacturer's claims. Color / spec may vary. Check for customer reviews on market stores.


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