21W AP-SP-002-BLA AllPowers Solar Charger: Foldable Power Pack for Outdoor Solar Charging of Mobile Devices - Shoppers Guide

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21W AP-SP-002-BLA AllPowers Solar Charger: Foldable Power Pack for Outdoor Solar Charging of Mobile Devices - Shoppers Guide

OVERVIEW — The AP-SP-002-BLA AllPowers Solar Charger is a portable, foldable power pack designed for outdoor solar charging of mobile devices. According to the manufacturer's claims, it is waterproof and suitable for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and road trips, as well as those who like to relax outdoors.

The 21-Watt solar charger features a mini 3-panel cell design and a built-in 10000mAh battery. It is said to be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other enabled devices, allowing users to charge their devices while outdoors. The mobile power pack with the built-in battery can store energy and supply power to devices whenever needed, as claimed by the manufacturer.

With dual USB-A and one USB-C ports, the AllPower solar charger claims to support fast charging with a maximum output current of 3Amps per USB port and 3.5Amps in total. It can be recharged by solar or wall charger with an input of 2A. It has an ultra-thin solar controller (2.0) that claims to automatically identify solar intensity, providing a related smile signal for user convenience.

The manufacturer also states that the charger is FCC, RoHS, and CE certified, offering safety features such as short circuit and surge protection technology. Additionally, it undergoes high temperature treatment to ensure safety for both users and their devices.

Who Needs It and Why:

The foldable Solar Charger by AllPowers can be worth considering for certain individuals based on their needs and preferences.

• Outdoor Enthusiasts:
Individuals who enjoy outdoor activities like camping events, hiking, fishing, and road trips can benefit from the solar charger. It allows them to charge their mobile devices even in remote areas without access to electricity.

• Eco-conscious Individuals:
For those who prioritize sustainable energy solutions, the AP-SP-002-BLA solar charger provides a renewable and environmentally friendly way to power their devices, reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

• Emergency Preparedness:
The built-in battery and the ability to charge via solar or wall charger make it useful for emergency situations. It can serve as a backup power source during power outages or natural disasters.

• Travelers:
People who frequently travel to places with limited power outlets or unreliable electricity supply can rely on this portable charger to keep their devices powered up while on the go.

Possible Considerations:

• While the 10000mAh battery capacity is decent, it may not be sufficient for individuals with multiple power-hungry devices like power notebooks or laptops.

• Although the solar conversion rate of 23.5% is decent, solar charging generally takes longer compared to traditional outlets. Those frequently in urban areas with access to electricity might find faster charging options more suitable.

Though it offers dual USB-A and one USB-C ports for charging convenience, compatibility with certain devices or proprietary charging protocols may vary. It is important to check compatibility before purchasing.

* It's worth noting that individual preferences and specific use cases will vary. Check for customer reviews on market stores before making an informed decision or decide whether this solar charger is the right fit.

*Note: Color / spec may vary.


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