Xllent Massager: Handheld USB Rechargeable Body Massaging Tool - Features and Suitability

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Xllent Massager: Handheld USB Rechargeable Body Massaging Tool - Features and Suitability

The Xllent Massager is a handheld USB rechargeable body massaging tool that claims to provide deep muscle tissue relief. According to the manufacturer, it offers unique benefits such as improving blood circulation, enhancing fluidity, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain, tension, and soreness.

It comes with six massage heads that are replaceable and washable, allowing users to choose the most suitable one for their specific needs. Each massage head is said to have corresponding functions that help protect muscle tissue.

The massager features a 12mm amplitude, which aims to provide a deeper and more effective massage. Its touch screen LCD makes operation easier by eliminating cumbersome controls.

Equipped with a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Xllent Massager offers a working time of 4-6 hours on low speed. However, it is recommended not to exceed 15 minutes of use at a time. The aluminum alloy handle ensures durability, giving it a authoritative and confident appearance.

The Xllent Massager claims to have a bass noise reduction system, utilizing a brushless torque motor and ultra-quiet sliding technology. This is said to provide a quiet massage experience without disturbing others. Additionally, it incorporates an IC chip for protection against overheating, automatically shutting down after a certain period of time.

The manufacturer states that the massage gun produces a noise level of 20-30 decibels, making it ultra-quiet during operation. It offers 8 speeds via the LCD touch screen and boasts a percussive force of 12mm amplitude.

Lastly, it is mentioned that the Xllent Massager can be a suitable gift for various individuals, including the elderly, parents, moms, dads, men, women, men, etc. Its humanized touch panel design ensures immediate usability for every user.

* Please note that the information provided is based on the claims made by the manufacturer, and it is always advisable to conduct further research or consult professionals before making a purchase decision.

*Note: Color / spec may vary. Check for customer reviews on market stores.


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